Friday, September 11, 2009

Two Towers Falling

Two towers falling
Violence from the sky destroys illusion
Shiva and Kali dance
People, papers and ash
falling like leaves
from exalted dreams of surety

Planes of existence shatter megalithic gods,
Iconoclastic engines of mass destruction strike
to remind us of our preoccupations and presuppositions
Smoke and fire bellow from our bellies
combustion chambers filled with karmic excrement
that we refuse to acknowledge in ourselves

Impermanence burns in the nostrils
of all who breathe the fetid vapors.
We who witness our destruction
find explanations of terrorism plots
hollow and demeaning
without tenor or comfort

We are the fires of our own destruction
The murderers, the sheikhs and the robber barons
There are no victims,
no perpetrators of horrific acts…
Except when we choose to turn away
From the reflection that burns away Samsara

We the children of the bomb, offspring of destruction
We have unleashed unfathomable and uncontrollable forces in ourselves.
Justification of righteous vengeance focused outward, striking inward,
leaving us blind and toothless, unable to take in sustenance
The enemy that we seek we are.
The friend that we seek we are.

Only compassion can fill the void,
the crater left from our arrogance.
Violence and destruction melts
every moment we choose equanimity
Widows and orphans reunite in love
Sympathetic joy flowers in barren wombs.


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