Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Resistance is Futile?by Muttering Madzub

Resistance is Futile? by Muttering Madzub

My human self resisting, insisting
Yammers on and on and on,
Perpetually relentless, pointless, noise
feeding on, holding on to its own nonexistence
Thoughts of self and self-centered delusion
Clutter the environment of Being

The Borg of chaotic humming mind voices
recite the futility mantra with finality and certainty
obscuring attention, distracting, attracting,
detracting from Being and compassion,
propagating, cloning thought zombies
suck life-force and disseminate suffering.

The battle for Mind is elusive and illusive
Narcissistic self, loves to engage in pointless battles
to achieve imagined victories
from image-nations, and hoards of inner demons
Attention is the vorpal blade
That slays the “Jabberwock”* “with eyes of flame”.*

Fear used by imagined self
creates a milieu of morass
Fetters of phantasms dissolve
when attention’s light
pierces darkened enslavement
to self that does not exist

The “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”?**
fear has no self to fear
self has no self to fear
self has no fear to fear
no existence to protect or project
no dots to connect

Can’t figure it out
Deduce, produce, induce…perhaps seduce?
Machinations of meanings meted out ad nauseum
Puking out explanations of self infatuation
No out to figure, no figure to out
Just attention to moment being

“Being just this moment, compassion’s way.”***

* JABBERWOCKY, Lewis Carroll
(from Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, 1872)

**“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”: FDR’s First Inaugural Address
*** Joko Beck


  1. Yes! Your portrait of the ego is humorously tragically true. What is there to fear? Never looking away from the mirror image that poses as Self. Thanks John for holding up the mirror of Being.

  2. Thank you Melanie! I love your comment: "Never looking away from the mirror image that poses as Self." Self is the biggest poser in the universe and it does not even exist.

  3. The wise have shared that the more we become a witnessing self, the less our futile resistance remain as a resistance and struggle.


  4. Hello Madzub,

    I noticed a new follower and I wanted to say thankyou.
    I do really like your blog and your expressions. Your art is truly awesome. I can tell you put yourself into it. It's very inspirational to me as well. What media are you most comfortable with? I normally use acrylics or oil pastel, sometimes colored pencil. I'm still pretty new to the art world, only a a couple of years now.
    I really like your art, I love abstract work. Your lines and colors have mystery behind them and are very intriguing to me.
    I would like to follow your blog as well, and I hope to hear from you soon.
    Take care my new friend,
    Julian :)

  5. Thank you Julian for your kind words. I too am new to art. What I am discovering is that we ar the art, the paintings, drawings, sculpture, clay of the Divine. We are all colors on the the great tapestry. Blessings!


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