Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oneness Implies Separation...

Oneness implies separation. No separate you or me to be one with. No separate God, Buddha or Christ. Oneness is a finite numerical construct or equation for the ego to describe indescribable, immeasurable, unquantifiable, infinite Being.

Form and Formlessness are both illusory.
Constructing Formlessness is form.
Deconstructing form or formlessness is illusion, form and Samsara.

How can the form that has no form,
form the un-formable Formless
by informing the uninformed form of its formlessness?


The formed and the formless can’t be formed, informed, performed, uniformed, trance-formed, conformed or de-formed. Form and formlessnes simply don't exist.

No form to form.
No formlessness to form.
No formlessness to unform the form
No formlessness to unform
No formlessness.

The unavoidable Void,
unavoidably voids the voids,
that were never voids
and cannot exist in the Unavoidable Void, unavoidably.

Being just this moment, compassion's way.


  1. this is something which is best conveyed without words. or perhaps in encoded parables or poem, rather than direct indication, because language itself is a form that often hinder the mind to grasp the reality which is spoken

    on separation and union i had a poem sometime back, perhaps its worth sharing here for your readers,

    its called separation is preparation

  2. Beautiful!

    Separation is Preparation

    From Sadiq Alam

    my beloved asks,
    'in separation we talk about union.
    in union what shall we talk about?'

    ..................the answer is easy,
    'just be in separation; that in union, know how appreciate

    hear o dervishes,
    ...enjoy what comes!
    ........learn to appreciate. grateful.

    enjoy even
    .....this sweetness
    ............of separation.

    just as you long for union today,
    ........who knows!
    may be you'll miss
    ...this strange sweetness the moments of union!

    separation is preparation.
    (of union)

    enjoy this preparation,
    ...........and may bliss your union.

    (c) MysticSaint / Singapore / May 2007

  3. There are love dogs, give your life to be one of them.


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