Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Asking the Wrong Questions by Dogo Barry Graham

Many of us want someone else to help us, to save us, to take away our suffering, our fear and uncertainty. No one can do that. Many of us realize that, and so we think we need to help ourselves. No one can do that, either.

So, if no one else can help us, and we can't help ourselves, what can we do? Are we doomed to suffer?

Our suffering cannot end until we stop fixating on the wrong questions. Who can help me? How can I help myself? These are questions that don't even begin to address the problem (or what we think is a problem).

Questions that might be more useful:

Who is this that wants to be helped?

Who is this that wants to help himself?

Who is this that thinks she has a problem?

Who am I without the belief that I have a problem?

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