Wednesday, June 9, 2010

compassionate completion

Lost in the self centered dream
yet sometimes the dream fades
the voices still and colors return
darkness no longer looms
on cold dead concrete walls
filled with ghostly graffiti
music fills the shadowed void
and creates quiet spaces
where voice is heard
and words are unspoken
melodies ebb and flow
from the tongues of angel's breath

feeling trapped in-between worlds
where duality duels with itself
mutually assured destruction
collaterally damaged lives
gripped by mortgage
sold souls pandering in pandemonium
pondering thoughts of peace
is death the only quiet?
is the end of life the only end to samsara?
yet it begins and ends again and again…

the voices scream inside my head
and my tired ego harmonizes with
cacophonous calumny
ego rages
the pointlessness of birth and death
the dream is looped in eternal suffering
where is the light
to breach the darkness
of the delusion
that separates us from our true self?

where do I really exist?
does existence exist?
existential angst and endless mutterings
of madness that sweep me away
down the path of pointless return
when I see the path is not me
when my ego
through sheer exhaustion
has slipped into a coma
and awakened dreams
with no strings attached
are plucked by the hands of god
and music fills my soul

no longer alone
the voice sings to me
sweetly in the cool of the morning
where I run to meet the beloved
with whom I am eternally bound
embraced by the arms of angel's breath
kissing my forehead
caressing my imagined wounds
no longer many
no longer alone
filled with compassionate being
as the moment lingers eternally

kindness, compassionate remembrance
that dissolves the veil
of living and dieing.
the bubble lie
with rainbow reflections that pops
when attention softly blows
the bubble in still wind.
the breathless breath of insane sanity
that keeps us artificially resuscitated
until the plug is finally severed
by compassionate gaze

what I am cannot die
I have never been born
the justice and injustices that are perpetrated
that penetrate the psychic strands of illusive delusion
cannot exist
angels that comfort my soul
are who gathers to remind me
and whisper softly
that heaven and hell are no longer needed
the god that I have conjured has melted away
slipped back into the forgetfulness from whence it came
no longer telling me
reminding me that I am separate
no more self
compassionate completion


  1. This is your best.

  2. Beautiful! This is my favorite line:

    the god that I have conjured has melted away
    slipped back into the forgetfulness from whence it came

    Thank you!

  3. This is beautiful Madzub. I enjoyed it too and probably agree with Debra, this is best!

    a master piece really. must have come from a beautiful haal (state) of your heart.

    peace! and may the Beloved bestow His grace upon your heart.

  4. So beautiful, ironic and oh, so fitting! Mutter louder!! Lisbeth :-)

  5. Beautiful and perfect timing. Thank you


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