Sunday, July 25, 2010

Causal Illusion

The causal illusion has led us to believe instead of live. Contrary to popular opinion, beliefs are the main causes of blindness and death. We all tell ourselves that we are lacking, incomplete, and flawed. We have conjured up thousands of years of traditions of gods, goddesses, prophets, rabbis, mullahs, martyrs, gurus, sages, mages and mystics to hammer the point that we are separate and if we follow this or that path, pray this prayer, move this move and chant these words, that God will then accept us, make us whole, save us from hell and take us to heaven. Because we are convinced that God is separate from us.

We believe that we have soiled God’s plan and have separated ourselves from the great and powerful OZ that scares children and smokes and thunders behind the curtain. This angry, vengeful deity is a projection of our own accepted guilt. This is representational of the folly that we follow without question, because we have not questioned the questions. We are blind, not because we do not have eyes, but because we have covered our eyes with our own lies that we believe to be true. We have bought into the causal world and have been fatally affected by our own hubris.

We do not have to do anything special — pray, meditate, contort our bodies and deceive our deception through affirmations and proclamations. Doing just leads to more doing.

However, sing, chant, meditate, pose and retreat. But knowing that the outcome of all these activities will not be for what you are searching. For example, as a dear friend once said, “silent retreats do not involve silence and they do not involve retreat”. The object of your search is the first clue that searching for objects is truly objectionable and a waste of time.

The Holy Grail — the object of our highest aspirations and noble search for truth, justice, freedom, love, compassion — whatever, are merely phantom images that cannot incorporate or resolve. The idea or form of the Divine is idolatry at its very core. The idols that dull our eyes and obscure our perception are what we have formed as barriers that are intricately designed to distract us from “tat tvam asi” thou art that. What we truly are cannot change. Everything else is not worth mentioning.

So why write, blog, or slog about such matters if they do not matter? Sometimes the most absurd and obscure reflections in life’s mirror, remind us of our true Self, the Mind-less-mind, the Me-less-me. We are all reminders of What that has never forgotten about us. All of us are one of us and none of us exist. So, I mutter and pray that we remember.

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