Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Life as it is now…

Lost in the self centered dream...
I have been looking at all the human contrived disasters, corporate and governmental crimes that plague humanity, foul our environment, not to mention the religious hypocrisy of militant dominionist right-winged fanatics – just to name a few.

Only suffering.
I come to a realization that this suffering is not about Me and it is all just another egoic intrusion to waylay and subvert Me from the Center, the Void – whatever I want to call it.

Holding to self centered thoughts...
my suffering psyche or self – that does not exist, should be in enough pain to reMind Me to pay attention and just watch this illusive delusion without getting drawn into the malaise and malignant, narcissistic mind fuck .

Exactly the dream.
Wow, i am amazed at how much effluent i am willing to endure to keep the egoic life support tubes, wires and machines cranking out the artificial respiration and intravenous poisons inserted into every orifice of my self-centered dream.

Life as it is...
The ego self wants to feel guilty about all this shit, yet that is what the ego always wants. The ultimate deception is self deception, and how the hell does one do that when the self by its very nature is deception? Deceive the deceiver?

The only teacher.
Well, i can’t mind fuck my way out of this one so I guess I will allow the smoke to clear and the mirrors to turn into windows.

Being just this moment...
I only know that anger, self-righteousness, pointing the finger and blaming everyone and myself for the suffering of humanity is just more suffering and perpetuates samsara.

Compassion’s way.
The cycle of endless suffering, birth and death only disappears when compassionate being becomes My dynamic guiding force in momentary lapses of surrender.


The following verse is written by Charlotte Joko Beck, a Zen Roshi.
Lost in the self-centered dream, only suffering.
Holding to self centered thoughts, exactly the dream.
Life as it is, the only teacher.
Being just this moment, compassion’s way.


  1. Yes! The self-imposed supremacy of the ego is the great suffering of my existence. Self-deception is its hand maiden.

    Deceive the deceiver? That's an interesting approach. I'm reminded that a problem can only really be solved from a dimension of consciousness transcendent to it.

    Why not transcend the deceiver?

    Compassion's way. Being's way, for ego cannot exist in the presence of Being and Compassion envelopes ego so fully in love it is stripped of its incessant ego activity.

    Lovely, gritty prose, Brother J! Provoking as always....

  2. Beautifully said Sister Melanie. I love the trancend the deceiver for sure. Deceiving the deceiver was more an attempt at sarcasm. Perhaps if we deceive the deceiver it becomes like a double negative and transcends the deceiver in the end??? LOL Probably not. Perhaps it is best to let deceived deceivers lie...

  3. I find all this spiritual sloganeering drippy and pretentious. Go do something. or go do nothing. But shut up already.

    Go trick Barry Graham into admitting the truth, that he's a pathological liar and utter fraud. Now that would be deceiving a true deceiver.

  4. Thank you Anonymous for your insight into my pretense and sloggy spiritual sloganeering --great terms. I couldn't agree with you more. I may even consider this a slog instead of a blog. As for your issues with Barry Graham, you may want to consider compassion and forgiveness as an option. Anger, libel and sufferinng are what keeps us all lost and in pain. The only ones that we truely insult defame, and deceive are our selves, which Wei Wu Wei said "there isn't one". As a wise compassionate Zen master, Joko Beck told me, "remember, you are always perfect". With open gratitude, Muttering Madzub, John Hinton


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