Friday, August 24, 2012

Who Da' Thunk 2 Who needs to know, really?

Who is it really that needs to know — the personality that has been conjured out of environmental and biological stimuli?

Who is that really knows?
Are we really just the culmination of our stories and myths that we have created to explain, promote and propagate our ephemeral existence?
Are we really just our triumphs and tragedies; our abuses, abusers, and abuse; our hell and heaven; good and evil…?
Are we our experiences, our experience …or our experiencing?
Are we just the sum total of the bullshit that runs through our heads that we accumulate over time?
Life is not just a string of experiences, but that which knows that a string of experiences unfolds before us – sometimes like cinematic events. 
Our life is not what we think it to be. Life is whether we think or not – perhaps more interesting not – (who knows?).
We experience life largely though the filters that we have superimposed on life.
We are the result of the conditioning that has conditioned us to perceive our experience.
However, my inclination is that we are not our egos, personalities, identities, jobs, roles, genders, and all the other machinations that we use to create ourselves.
We are not our bullshit, but generally are mired in it and have taken on its odor out of ignorance.
Rather, we are that which notices the bullshit and uses the bullshit to fertilize our garden that we that we call our life. Life as it is.
Life as it is, is wondrous when we are not enmeshed or identified with or in the events to which we are paying attention.
Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.
That which Knows is not the thing or things that it knows. Knowledge then is not what you know or who you know but the faculty of Knowing – that which knows — which is not a this or a that. Knowledge in this context is not data or the accumulation of data. No bits, or bytes, to bite you in the ass.
No subject or object.
Knowing has nothing to relate to or with. Mind is not relative to anything. (…Maybe only relative to Mind?) Mind is all and no-thing simultaneously.
Perhaps getting out of our minds and returning to Mind, is what Mind has in mind for us all, if we mind, if we don’t mind.
We can be out of our minds, but we can never be out of Mind, or out of sight….
But, since we do see the movie in the theater of life before us, we might as well get the popcorn and pay attention and enjoy the show, if you don’t mind minding Mind.


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