Sunday, August 19, 2012

Who'da thunk? Part 1 Knowing and Thinking

This muttering is a first in a series reflecting on thoughts and thinking.
Knowing and Thinking
Knowing is knowing. Thinking is thinking.
Knowing with attachment to what is known is thinking.
Knowing that you know without attachment to what you think is knowing.

Thinking that you know is thinking. Knowing that you think is knowing.

Thinking is not knowing, and cannot know.
Knowing does not need to think.

Knowing is thought. Thinking is thoughts.

We are essentially thought, not our thinking. However we have become our thoughts, at least in our thinking.
Thinking is a biological function of the brain in response to its environment — a necessary contrivance for a physical existence that has arisen largely out of thinking. Hormones, neural synaptic responses, biochemical, sociobiological, cultural conditioning and programming all affect our thinking — how, what, where, why, and who we think about.

Internal and external stimuli all comprise our thinking and thoughts. Our thinking is by and large a response to our environment that we have isolated between our ears. As long as we have a brain we will think. When we no longer have use for our brain we will return to Thought. Thought has never left us. We have strayed from Thought in our thinking.

Knowing sees your thoughts. Thinking is blind and needs to be guided to be useful.

Know what you know and think what you think. Know that you think; but thinking that you know interferes with your connection with Thought.

Who is it that thinks — really?


  1. Brilliantly said! Poetic! Provocative! Love it!! The best spiritual wisdom is that which is a joy to read. I like the distinction you make between Thought and thinking. The Knower in you is alive and well behind the busy veil of thinking.


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