Friday, July 24, 2009


Has NOW become a thing, like any-old-thing? Another idea misconstrued and misappropriated into form and function?

If not NOW, when?

When is NOW?

Was NOW then?

NOW and then?

NOW is the time for all good men…

The power of NOW?

How NOW brown cow? How NOW indeed!!!

Power of k-NOW-ing.

The steeds of time blazing across the expanse of cosmic flux, fleeing, fidgeting and fighting our way to where we begin again and again…

NOWness, k-NOW-ing-ness appears locked on the treadmill treading and milling about in endless circles of conformity, deformity, the enormity… do we get off or stay NOW?

What if NOW were a verb? Action -- NOW, condition or state of Being -- NOW. Not stasis of being, believing, conniving, convincing, contriving… But imbibing, alive-ing, not striving, resting, fest-ing, nesting yet soaring into star fields of galaxies of k-NOW-ing, without going anywhere but NOWhere…

Living, moving, being, seeing, freeing, un-believing, untangling the umbilical cord of birth and rebirth.

Navel or novel?

New, old, timid, bold, cold?

Once molten gold poured in molds of hardening castes of lesser stones and metals.

Dynamic flux–uating, precious undulating ore coagulating, petrifying and putrefying into commodes of contemptuous commodities. Universal oddities, curiosities stacked on shelves that are covered with the dust and crust of time. A voiceless mime, no rhyme no tenor, no basis no exit?


NOW rushes in remakes, unmolds, liberates, pollinates and aerates, un-creates, un-delineates, k-NOW-ing!

All together NOW.

NOWing together.



madzubial in-definition subject to change: Now. (verb) the unabated, unconstrained continuum of yin-less, yang-less being that has no reference point in time or space. the ever knowing, all pervading condition of unconditional nonexistence that flows through and permeates being and non-being freely. oneness, none-ness, zero-ness, sum-ness.

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