Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What is GOD?

What is God that thou art mindful of Him or and the son of God, that thou visitest him? Dangling deities dutifully detracting from Presence. Delirious dogmas directing indirection. Heresy? hearsay? Religion is for those of us that have lost our way with – dare I say It – GOD.

Toward the One** – perhaps toward the None. The Tao bows and wows: “The name that can be named is not the eternal Name. Unnamed is the beginning of heaven and earth. With a name, the mother of all creation”* Perhaps, Names are mothers of bastard children who have lost their heritage, their kin, their ken. Name It and claim It, He, She, We, You or They? The felonious, erroneous flatulence of human hubris hurling and heaving indigestible food that we know not of.

Flags have impaled the mountains of molehills of meaningless maneuverings, positioning to claim the un-claimable, un-scalable. Eternal bloody wars waged by unprofitable, non-prophets, prophesying, promising, proposing, supposing and disposing of all opposing the disclosing of that which is unspeakable. Maiming and proclaiming divine authority. Canonical cannons of cascading calumny bombarding billions with treacherous truth that lie as bodies of the victims lay cold upon the earth.

…Yet the melodious madzubial mutterings from the inner well of being that nullifies the poisoned penned words that are scribed by inkless quills from featherless birds. The crazy talk that heals the sick and fills the poor in spirit. The lingering longing for merging with the emergence of the still, sweetness of Presence.

The sound of silence.

The voice of the turtle is heard, as flowers blossom in fullness of times. In the Garden, the sweet fragrances, the unutterable beauty where no words are needed while the Voice of supernal sweetness that saturates the sensual stillness. Love, harmony, beauty the only Being**… perhaps not a Being, just Being? No God -- only God? …undifferentiated, illimitable, un-nameable, un-man-agible, untamable, unrelenting, un-repenting, un-consenting, concealed yet un-concealable. Everywhere, no-where, no-how, no-why, no-when, no-who. Just no-thing, yet everything. To feel is for real***.

**From the mysterious madzub Hazrat Inayat Khan’s invocation.
***From the marvelous madzub, Joe Miller.

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