Monday, July 27, 2009

To say there is something other than God...

To say there is something other than God, especially something like "evil" or "satan," is simply to blaspheme.

How could there be any other than One omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent Being? Whatever is beautiful is He, and whatever seems ugly, frightening, nightmarish, that is just as surely He, too, for if God is everywhere and all-powerful, then there can be no other.

It is possible to consciously merge with this awareness, whereby this condition becomes clear. In this state, it can be seen that even "falsehoods" are true, because Truth is the only Reality. To say, "This is true, but that is false" is simply to fail to observe that all is a manifestation of the One Reality, in which the illusions of truth and falsehood merely seem to take on apparent meaning.

When seen clearly, such dichotomies reveal only the workings of a human brain, its left and right, its dark and light. But, though it also is a manifestation of the One indivisible Reality, it too easily thinks itself its own reality. When that arises, it is as a red flag hoisted on the flagpole of the ego that wants to think it is navigating the waters of this life, solely.

Awareness, healing, consciousness, and genuine love arise when even the apparently horrific can be seen as the perfect outflowing of an infallible grace of Supreme Wisdom - a wisdom that provideth as need ariseth. The leaves falling from trees in the Fall, with all their colorful splendor, are no different than soldiers and civilians who perish in apparently purposeless war."

Life does not exist between birth and death. Rather, we are wise when we do not distinguish between these, because these distinctions appear to the mind - to our minds - but are no more different than "before" and "after" in a vast ocean of ever-present Now.

Shivadam 7.21.09

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  1. Life does not exist between birth and death...perhaps life is all existing, all pervading...?


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