Sunday, August 2, 2009

Is GOD just the distortion and subsequent projection of our EGO?

Is GOD just the distortion and subsequent projection of our EGO?

Is GOD the abstraction and contraction and detraction of our inaction?

Is GOD little more than deified, anthropomorphized, and amplified desires and attributes of our better natures?

Is GOD the fulfillment of our human wish list?

GOD is all good because we are bad?

GOD is all-powerful because we feel powerless?

GOD is great because we feel small and miniscule in a massive universe?

GOD provides purpose — intelligent design — because we lack purpose and can’t fathom CHAOS.

GOD is omnipresent because we are not present?

God knows because we don’t?

Is GOD the reason that we do good because we are originally bad?

How sad!!!

If sin is original and we originally come from GOD, is GOD sin too?

Is GOD a spirit because we can’t see or hear HIM or HER or IT…?

Holy Spirit or holy spear-it, kill it, cra-shit ba-shit , ma-shit, sta-shit and fla-shit?

GOD fills our lack, fills in the blanks, grants our wishes and woes, and provides heroes for our foes.

In the Name of GOD people have condoned genocide, fratricide, matricide, homicide, suicide…

In the Name of GOD people commit acts of war, torture, mutilation, conflagration…

Has GOD become the excuse humans use to abuse, confuse, use, contuse and refuse…?

Does GOD displace and replace our responsibility for our actions?

Has HOLY writ become the canon that has made humanity its fodder…?



Why has sowing the GOD word reaped rape, abjection, abasement, de-face-ment?

Does the Holy Mother malign and mangle and mutilate her Holy Daughters, Holy Sisters?

Are we depraved because we misbehaved, sentenced to the grave and needed to be saved?

Are we saved if we agree to the dogmatic decree and pay our fee to the Holy See?

What has twisted the minds of humanity into a state of self loathing — GOD?

Or are the various GODS humans worship distortions of us?

Better, faster, smarter, stronger, more loving, more compassionate…

More deadly, more jealous, more righteous…

Light, truth, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, near, far, yada yada yada…

Or is…

Compassion — God? Love — God? Peace — God? Truth — God?

Anger — God? Righteousness — God? Life — God? Death — God?

Existence — God? Nonexistence — God?

Is Being not a Being?

How freeing!

“La ilaha il Allah
We all shine like stars
Then we fade away…
So put your Light on.” *

* by Everlast and Santana

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