Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sanity and Insanity

Sanity and insanity
different sides to the same coin.
Awareness-mindfulness the coins edge?
One human’s sanity is another’s insanity.
Flip the coin and it all disappears.


  1. The coin rotates like a machine -- the coin wheels around automatically like the stars turn in the sky. Insanity and sanity merge, as in the same essence, our heartfelt desire, our longing to become.

  2. Medicine and sickness heal each other. Anti-venom is venom. A vaccination is a dose of the disease itself. Delusion and enlightenment are the same thing. As Dogen Zenji said, when you're enlightened about your delusion, you're a Buddha. When you're deluded about your enlightenment, you're in Samsara.

  3. Beautiful Dogo. Delusion and delight!

  4. I agree, two sides to the same coin! It is sometimes good to be insane different that others.. this is Bill as I have problems with this computer

  5. The coin is paradox itself. Does any truth exist free of paradox? Or is paradox the indelible footprint of truth? the shape of truth? the price of truth?....

    I only know it's how you look at it.


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