Monday, August 31, 2009

Is there “freedom”?

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I am asking, “Is there “that” which is in-dependent?”
Is there “that” which does not depend?

Is there “freedom”?
Muttering Madzub

Freedom is not “there” or “that”
Freedom is completely independent – non-attached
Now, “there” and “that” are completely dependent on “there” and “that”
Freedom is not “there” or here spatially or chronologically
Freedom is free. Completely. Absolutely.
Freedom has no reference point human or otherwise.
No thought, form, no place, no sound.
Freedom is all thought, all form, omnipresent
Has no causality, duality, modality or separate reality
Not sensually perceived, believed, received or deceived.
Freedom is no-where... But… now-here
Lastly, freedom is free from my definitions, assumptions and presumptions
Observations, contemplations, oblations and constipations
Reactions, distractions, contractions, and detractions
And free from me.
At last, free.


  1. If you are free, nothing is broken.

    If you are free, time is a joke.

    If you are free, things don't ever end, or start.

    If you are free, people don't know you, but they like you.

  2. If you are free it doesn't matter if people like you or not.

    Thanks for the beautiful words!


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